I am delighted to post above, my composition "B'shem Hashem" sang so beautifully by Rafi Posner
and produced by Shim Craimer. I hope you enjoy this song.
It is with much sadness that we mourn the loss of Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks Z"L.
Please watch the video above, from the Sheloshim Tribute produced by the Office of Rabbi Sacks.
I am honoured that my composition "B'rogez" was used to start and end the Tribute
played and arranged by the multi-talented, Mendy Portnoy. 
It is with a huge amount of pride that I post above, the new release by The Shabbaton Choir of my composition "Mi Sheberach" featuring Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld, Shim Craimer and Jonny Turgel and the Shabbaton Choir. This release is dedicated in memory of Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks Z"L

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