Stephen started writing and performing music from a young age. Now living in Hertfordshire with his wife, Stephen has worked with some of the biggest names in the world of Jewish music.

After leaving school, Stephen’s interest in music continued during his university years and in 1991 he became the Musical Director and Conductor of the Shabbaton Choir. Stephen, together with the Shabbaton Choir and acclaimed chazanim Lionel Rosenfeld, Shimon Craimer and Jonny Turgel, has toured extensively both in the UK and abroad. Stephen and the Shabbaton Choir have taken part in  11 Solidarity Through Song tours to Israel, 29 consecutive Selichot services throughout the UK, and appeared in concerts in the UK, Germany, Poland, Sweden and on three major tours of American. Stephen is a seasoned performer who always leaves his audience wanting more. 

In 2011 Stephen was invited to conduct the Young Chamber Orchestra of the Hassadna Music Conservatory in a concert held at the Jerusalem Music Centre in Jerusalem and then subsequently on their visit to London.

Stephen is the co-founder  of the Yavneh College Singers, indulging his passion for teaching and inspiring students to fulfil their musical potential. He also composed the school song. Stephen has also worked with students from JCoSS and composed their school song.

One of Stephen's biggest strengths lies not only in performing music, but also in composing inspirational and uplifting music, that has been sung worldwide. Stephen began to write music for the Shabbaton Choir in 1996, and has gone on to compose many notable pieces.  Stephen’s most popular piece, 'Oseh Shalom', commissioned for Emeritus Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks' Home of Hope CD, has been critically acclaimed worldwide, and continues to build momentum (with over 3 million hits on you tube!) as one of the modern Jewish anthems of our time.

In June 2013 Stephen's composition "Anim Z'mirot" (written in honour of Emeritus Chief Rabbi, Lord  Sacks) was premiered to a capacity audience at The Barbican Hall, London with Chazzanim Lionel Rosenfeld, Shimon Craimer, Jonny Turgel, The Shabbaton Choir  and a choir of 300 children from 11 Jewish primary schools across the London area.

Stephen continues to compose music and works with Stephen Glass, Raymond Goldstein and Stuart Izon on the choral arrangements of his music. 13 of Stephen's compositions can be heard on "Anim Z'mirot" an album released by the Shabbaton Choir. It is available by going to

In 2014 Stephen joined the staff of Immanuel College, Bushey, Hertfordshire and in 
2016, Stephen became Director of Music teaching all Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level classes. Stephen also conducts two student choirs at Immanuel College and a Staff Choir. He also runs the school orchestra.
In March 2020, Stephen retired as Musical Director of the Shabbaton Choir after an association with the choir of over 34 years. In July 2020 he was appointed Conductor Laureate of the Shabbaton Choir.
Stephen continues to compose music and is currently working with Shim Craimer who has produced a brand new song composed by Stephen and which has just recently, been released by Shim on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. (see Home page).
Stephen is also collaborating  with artists in Israel on another new composition which is due for release early 2021.